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 CodeDescriptionPrice Inc-GSTStockETA  
245575DA15M Joystick 2m Extension Cable$28.89
24566910M RJ-11 to RJ-11 Cable - 6C$10.63
246380Anti Static Mat$64.66
246378Anti Static Wrist Strap$15.00
274411Firewire 800 Cable 9P Male to 4P Male 2M$24.82
274412Firewire 800 Cable 9P Male to 6P Male 2M$16.66
274410Firewire 800 Cable 9P Male to 9P Male 2M$19.30
245452Firewire Cable 4P Male to 4P Male 5M$19.00
323043Firewire Cable 6P Male to 4P Male 2M$9.48
312292Firewire Cable 6P Male to 4P Male 5M$15.00
323042Firewire Cable 6P Male to 6P Male 2M$8.74
2589012M Stereo 3.5mm Plug to 2x RCA Plug$8.00
3398382M Stereo 3.5mm Plug to 2x RCA Plug$9.99
2589192M Stereo Y Cable 3.5mm Plugs$28.50
4176046 RCA Plug to two jacks=OS$9.90
258911Audio Cable RCA Digital 2M $21.46
280307Audio Cable Stereo M-M Cable$7.26
417598200pcs 4 cable tie$5.00
258908250mm x 4.8mm Cable Tie (Bags of$55.48
41759640pcs 8 cable tie$4.99
41759750pcs assorted cable tie$4.99
417599Cable clip set(10mm/8mm/6mm/4mm)$9.50
417601Coax cable TV plug-TV plug 2m$9.50
280312Digital DVI-D (24+1) M/M 10M$71.12
280313Digital DVI-D (24+1) M/M 2M$15.64
245363DB9 Null Modem Adaptor DB9 Male to Female$21.11
2495202M Null Modem Cable DB9 F/F$9.99
245661Tap-on Power Cord 2m SAA Approved$30.09
2456632M 3pin Clover Shaped Power Cord For NB$14.92
245652Power Cord 1.8m SAA Approved$43.24
316032UPS Interface 2M SAA Approved Power Cord $33.85
245664UPS Interface Power Cord 500mm SAA Approved$23.03
151327Parallel Printer Cable 2M$10.00
245573Parallel Printer Cable 5M $40.22
245526AT Keyboard to PS/2 200mm Cable $18.95
245519Molded Cable 2m BD25 Male to Male 25 Wire Straight Through Cable$31.40
245644PS/2 Keyboard 2m Molded Cable Male to Male$29.84
285258PS2 Keyboard/Mouse 10m Extension Male to Female$9.94
245320Serial to PS/2 Adapter Mini Din 6 Female to Din 9 Female$15.34
245322Serial to PS/2 Adapter Mini Din 6 Male to Din 9 Male$10.13
2456172M Null Modem 25M-9F Cable$32.21
2456152M Null Modem Cable 25Pins F-F$9.95
284520Serial Cable 2M 9DB Male to Female$10.00
323331USB To Serial Adapter DB9 & DB25$29.95
24547280mm Cable-BT Socket to RJ-11 Plug (for Phone to Modem Connection) $2.27
245468Telephone Cable 2M BT to RJ-11$37.46
245470Telephone Cable 5M BT to RJ-11$3.54
299119Telephone Extension Cable 2M$5.00
323115USB 2.0 A/A Male-Male Cable 1M$5.00
323116USB 2.0 A/A Male-Male Cable 5M$9.00
246973USB 2.0 Mini 5-Pin to A Cable$49.54
245730USB 2.0 Type A/B Cable 2M$8.32
245730USB 2.0 Type A/B Cable 2M$8.32
312300USB 2.0 Type A/B Cable 2M$6.30
323106USB 2.0 type Mini B 5pin male to type A male 2M$8.51
258940USB Extension Cable 1M Type A M/F$20.10
323117USB Extension Cable 2M Type A M/F$6.78
312302USB Extension Cable 3M Type A M/F$8.34
323118USB Extension Cable 5M Type A M/F$9.99
246364USB SLOT Adapter.$22.62
260949KVM 2-in-1 1.8M SUN KVM Switch Cables$15.00
265147KVM 2m Cable Male to Male$19.95
318644KVM 5m Cable Male to Male$25.00
245746VGA Cable 2M M/M$27.04
245747VGA Cable 2M M/M$11.25
245749VGA Cable 5M M/M$28.05
245608VGA Extension 2M M/F Cable$12.40
245609VGA Extension 5M M/F Cable$26.04
245607VGA Extension 10M M/F Cable$47.28
245606VGA Extension 2M M/F Cable$38.62
246369VGA Splitter 15cm Multiplexer Y$18.80
323200VGA Splitter Cable M/F/F 2M$20.00
2589152M RF Coaxial Male to Male Cable$9.95
2589105M RCA Plug to Socket Extension$9.95
2589065M RCA RG59 Screened Video AV Cable$40.07
471172SANSAI 4WAY AV SWITCH WITH REMOTE/C (*Clearance*) $34.09
258923S-Video Cable, 4-Pin M-M 5M$13.93
258922S-Video Cable, 4-Pin M-M 2M$32.04
258920S-Video to 3x RCA Cable 2M$10.00
258921S-Video to 3x RCA Cable 5M$15.00
ASUS Click To Show Price As GST Exclusive
 CodeDescriptionPrice Inc-GSTStockETA  
274094SPDIF optical out +coaxial cable for ASUS M/B$16.89
 CodeDescriptionPrice Inc-GSTStockETA  
275387Belkin Ultra ATA 133 18in Round Hard Drive Cable UV REACTIVE SILVER BRAIDING$14.95
 CodeDescriptionPrice Inc-GSTStockETA  
259593ADSL 1 Port Line Filter$9.94
286484ADSL 2 ports line Filter$25.77
 CodeDescriptionPrice Inc-GSTStockETA  
258926Ultra ATA133 90cm Round Cable Yellow$14.95
276374Rounded Cable 75CM FDD Cable$16.88
404756Cable Tidy 2.5M x 16mm Easy Wrap - Cable$13.50
404759Cable Tidy 2.5M x 20mm Easy Wrap - Cable$13.50
323088Digitus DVI Male to VGA Male 2M$22.50
323086Digitus DVI-D M to DVI-D M Cable Digital 10M $42.99
323087Digitus DVI-D M to DVI-D M Cable Digital 5M$27.61
312299Digitus DVI-D M to DVI-D M Cable Digital Dual 2m$16.31
323089Digitus DVI-D Male/DVI-D FEMale Cable Dual Ext 2 $22.50
323090Digitus DVI-D Male/DVI-D FEMale Cable Dual Ext 5$30.38
458187Digitus HDMI 19Pin-19Pin 2M$23.23
458190Digitus HDMI 19Pin-DVI 18+1 2M$21.38
322238HDMI Type A 2M 19pin Male to Male Cable$27.00
2456602M SAA Approved Power Cord 90$9.57
312309Power Cable Notebook 2pins 2m$14.22
312310Power Cable Notebook 3-Pin 2M$14.99
323060Digitus Printer Cable DB25 to CN36 10M$32.63
323034Digitus Printer Cable DB25 to CN36 2M$9.00
323035Digitus Printer Cable DB25 to CN36 3M$15.75
323058Digitus Printer Cable DB25 to CN36 5M$21.38
328815Digitus Printer Cable USB-IEEE1284 2M$42.85
323056Digitus Serial Printer Cable DB9/F-DB25/M 2M$10.13
4663771M USB 2.0 Dual A to Mini B Cable with extra power connector$14.28
280328DYNAMIX 2M USB Cable A Male/Mini B Male For Digital Cameras$10.23
322245USB Type A M / Type Mini B 4 Pins for Digital Camera$35.45
3583295M VESA DDC VGA Extension Cable Molded. HDDB15 M/F Coaxial Shielded$34.60
284902Digitus SVGA Monitor Cable High Res M/M 1.8M$14.63
323190Digitus SVGA Monitor Cable Hi-Res M/M 15M$43.87
323189Digitus SVGA Monitor Cable Hi-Res M/M 10M $39.98
323187Digitus SVGA Monitor Cable Hi-Res M/M 3M$20.97
312304Digitus SVGA Monitor Cable Hi-Res M/M 5M$25.87
323196Digitus SVGA Monitor Ext Cable Hi-Res 10M$30.71
312519Digitus SVGA Monitor Ext Cable Hi-Res 15M $41.63
323191Digitus SVGA Monitor Ext Cable Hi-Res 20M$56.70
323197Digitus SVGA Monitor Ext Cable HI-RES 20M$63.79
312305Digitus SVGA Monitor Ext Cable Hi-Res 2M $11.25
323198Digitus SVGA Monitor Ext Cable HI-RES 30M$75.60
323194Digitus SVGA Monitor Ext Cable Hi-Res 3M$16.88
312306Digitus SVGA monitor Ext Cable Hi-Res 5M$24.11
323084Digitus VGA to 3 x BNC Monitor Connection Cable$16.54
312298Digitus VGA to 5xBNC Monitor Connection Cable$27.18
323365Digitus Video Splitter 2 WAY 400MHz$56.34
336478DVI-I M to VGA M 2M Cable$19.95
358325VGA Cable 2M - Molded. HD DB15 M/F$42.68
280308S-Video Cable, 4-Pin M-M 10M$20.37
Jackson Click To Show Price As GST Exclusive
 CodeDescriptionPrice Inc-GSTStockETA  
344618Jackson 3M Power Extension Lead in Retail Packaging$15.78
344619Jackson 5M Power Extension Lead in Retail Packagin$25.83
 CodeDescriptionPrice Inc-GSTStockETA  
520499Laser GoldX 1394 FireWire Cable , 5 in 1, 1.8M$24.33
 CodeDescriptionPrice Inc-GSTStockETA  
245670OEM 2M RJ-11 to RJ-11 Cable - 6C$3.82
245466OEM Telephone Extension Cable 10M BT$11.25
245467OEM Telephone Extension Cable 5M$5.63
 CodeDescriptionPrice Inc-GSTStockETA  
260610Serial ATA Data Cable$22.69
 CodeDescriptionPrice Inc-GSTStockETA  
321977USB DOCKING BALL EXT Black$29.69
 CodeDescriptionPrice Inc-GSTStockETA  
2593592m Standard USB cable (USB A male - USB B male)$4.90
 CodeDescriptionPrice Inc-GSTStockETA  
285600"Thermaltake" XR-Cable UV Flopy 600mm Blue$22.57
285595Thermaltake XR-Cable UV IDE 600mm Green$26.81
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